Ballcap: NAVY W/LOGO 3-D TEXT OD(SX) Flag Case: Gun Metal Bookends: White Ship
Flag Case: Gun Metal
Our Price: $95.00
Bookends: White Ship
Our Price: $45.00
T-Shirt: Navy Gold Stars High Bounce Ball: Helicopter Bookends: Silver Anchor
T-Shirt: Navy Gold Stars
Our Price: $14.00
Bookends: Silver Anchor
Our Price: $30.00
Book: U.S. Navy Art Naval Air War: The Rolling Thunder Campaign by Norman Polmar and Edward J. Marolda Naval War of 1812 - 1815: Foundation of America's Maritime Might: Expanded Edition with over 90 Full Color Illustrations
Book: U.S. Navy Art
Our Price: $19.95
Coin: Battle of Midway Whistle: Bosun's Whistle w/Box Letter Holder: Anchor
Coin: Battle of Midway
Our Price: $20.00
Letter Holder: Anchor
Our Price: $32.00
Apron: Grill Sergeant Book: The Search for the Japanese Fleet: USS Nautilus and the Battle of Midway CD: "Ports of Call"
Apron: Grill Sergeant
Our Price: $11.00
CD: "Ports of Call"
Our Price: $18.00
USS Constitution Plans CD CD: "Remembering The Navy Hour" Coin: US Navy Museum
USS Constitution Plans CD
Our Price: $15.00
Coin: US Navy Museum
Our Price: $15.00
T-Shirt: USN Grey 1775 Navy Chief Petty Officer Brass 2 Coaster Set Book: Embassy to the Eastern Courts: America's Secret First Pivot Toward Asia, 1832-37
T-Shirt: USN Grey 1775
Our Price: $13.00

USS Enterprise

Buck Knife: USS Enterprise (CVN 65)

Our Price: $100.00
Buck Knife: USS Enterprise (CVN 65)
This pocket knife is crafted from the handrail wood taken from the USS Enterprise (CVN 65), the longest serving aircraft carrier in the U.S. naval history.

Size: 3 1/2" closed. 6" open.

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Puzzle: 3-D (Destroyer)
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Pencil Sharpener: Cannon
Our Price: $5.00

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Book: Combat at Close Quarters: Warfare on the Rivers and Canals of Vietnam
Our Price: $24.95
Coin: Casino Navy
Our Price: $11.00
Book: Helicopters (Children)
Our Price: $8.99
Book: Warship Pictorial, No. 41: USS Midway CV-41
Our Price: $17.99
Nickel Plated Brass Propeller Clock
Our Price: $75.00