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Letter Holder: Anchor
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Challenge Coin: Enterprise Legacy
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Blanket: U.S. Navy Hoodie: U.S. Navy Goat Book: U.S. Navy Art
Blanket: U.S. Navy
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Hoodie: U.S. Navy Goat
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Book: U.S. Navy Art
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Book: Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects Naval War of 1812 - 1815: Foundation of America's Maritime Might: Expanded Edition with over 90 Full Color Illustrations Tie: American Jet Fighters
U.S. Navy Pillow Toy: Wind-Up Diver Tie: Boating Signals (Yellow)
U.S. Navy Pillow
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Toy: Wind-Up Diver
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Trutun Bowl 30% OFF

Truxtun Bowl

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Truxtun Bowl
The Truxtun Bowl is a Chinese porcelain punch bowl made for Captain Thomas Truxtun in 1794. Captain Truxtun is noted for his command of the frigate USS Constellation during the Quasi-War with France in 1798 to 1800. Truxtun had served on privateers during the American Revolutionary War. After the Revolution, as a Philadelphia merchant captain, he was a pioneer of American trade with China. In 1794, Truxtun was appointed one of six captains to oversee the building of the United States Navy's first frigates. That year, to illustrate a book he was publishing on navigation, he asked naval constructor, Josiah Fox, who would play a part in designing these ships, for a drawing of a 44-gun frigate. Truxtun commissioned two punch bowls featuring Fox's drawing. One of these is here at the U.S. Navy Museum located in the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. The other bowl, presented to President George Washington, is in Washington's home of Mount Vernon. Our new replica was crafted in china.

10" in Diameter.
Comes in presentation box.

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